A few words about us..

Dinsubsol was born on a summer back in 2013, initially a group of young enthusiast, ambitious, techno lovers with DJ-ing abilities, later to become a Booking agency, Event Planner and Records Label based in Oradea.

During time, it has become an important reference when it comes to great parties, booking artists we love:  Priku, Arapu, Praslea, Suciu, Io Mulen. Izhevski, Barac, Mihai Popoviciu,Herodot, Cap, Dubtil, Nu Zau, Ada Kaleh, Pluuscular, Sepp, Crihan, Dubsons, Jay Bliss, Lizz, Mihai Pol, Livio&Roby , Floog, Premiesku live, Mihigh etc.


Dinsubsol is like experiencing a musical playground. It can be a rollercoaster working with friends, but it`s always fun& inspiring. Starting as kids from the proverbial basement Рwanting to promote the Romanian underground scene (ROdinsubsol), we always wanted to help raise this community of music lovers; People with the same passion for a good sound that can transcend the barrier of material form, becoming something new, like the blending of the  RomanianWave with the West Wind. If you ever plan to visit our beautiful hometown Oradea, you can definitely meet us on the dance floor at least once a month. And don`t forget to Smile&Dance!